If you have a speeding conviction, there’s no doubt that getting car insurance at an affordable rate can be tricky. Insurance providers consider those with convictions to be higher risk and will price their policies accordingly.

Types of speeding convictions

There are a few different types of speeding convictions, each with their own unique identifying code. For example speeding on the motorway is classified as an SP50 conviction. If you were caught speeding on the motorway, then you’ll need to seek out SP50 conviction insurance.

Other types of speeding convictions include –

  • SP10 – Exceeding the speed limit in a goods vehicle
  • SP20 – Exceeding speed limit for the type of vehicle you were driving (not including goods or passenger vehicles)
  • SP30 – Exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road
  • SP40 – Exceeding the speed limit in a passenger vehicle

All of these convictions will mean you’ll get at least 3 points on your licence as well as a possible fine and driving ban, depending on the severity.

Where to find cover

Although a lot of insurance providers may offer you cover if you have a speeding conviction, a lot of them will simply not be affordable. Thankfully, there are specialist providers of car insurance for convicted drivers who can offer you cover at a reasonable rate.

What you can expect to pay will depend on the severity of your conviction amongst other factors. Some of the other things that will affect what you pay include –

  • Your age – Age is always a big factor that insurance providers take into account. Those under the age of 25 will typically pay a lot more for cover since they’re considered a high risk group. If you’re under 25 and have a conviction, then it could be tricky to get cover at an affordable price.
  • The value of your car – The value of your car is of course going to be something that insurance providers consider too. How much this affects the cost of your policy will depend on the level of cover you get. If you want to keep the cost down, then it’s a good idea to consider a third party policy, rather than comprehensive.
  • How secure it is – Insurance providers will certainly consider how likely your car is to be stolen based on a few different factors, the main ones being what security features it has (alarm, immobiliser etc.) as well as where it’s parked when not in use.