Drink Driving Car Insurance Explained

Drink Driving Car Insurance Explained

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Having a drink driving conviction can be a hindrance to getting car insurance at a reasonable price. This doesn’t have to be the case though. Below is a guide to help you out.

Why does a drink driving conviction affect the cost of car insurance?

The reason that a drink driving car insurance policy costs more is simply because insurance providers always factor in risk when coming up with a price. The more likely a person is to make a claim, the more the policy will cost. Even if you know you’ll never drink drive again, you’re still in a group that’s statistically more likely to make a claim and therefore you can expect to pay more for you insurance.

Do I have to declare my conviction?

Whether or not you need to declare your conviction to insurance providers will depend on whether your conviction is spent or unspent. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, certain convictions become spent after a given period of time. This means you’re no longer obligated to declare your conviction if it’s spent.

Click here to see when your conviction will become spent.

What other things affect the cost of car insurance?

Some other things that affect the cost of car insurance are –

  • Your age – Your age is certainly a big factor when it comes to the cost of car insurance. If you’re under the age of 25 and you have a drink driving conviction then your insurance is going to cost considerably more than a person who is over 25 and has a clean criminal record.
  • The value of your vehicle – The value of your vehicle will of course have a big impact on cost too. The more your vehicle is worth, the more you can expect to pay for cover. If you have a drink driving conviction and you want to keep your insurance affordable then, it’s a good idea to get a modestly priced vehicle.
  • Where it’s parked – Where your vehicle is parked will certainly affect how much you pay for car insurance. If you have a locked garage to keep your car in then this is ideal since it keeps it safe from thieves and vandals. If you have to park your car on a public street then this will unfortunately make insurance costlier.
  • How secure the vehicle is – If you want to reduce the cost of car insurance then you should take any steps you can to make your vehicle more secure.
  • What level of cover you get – The level of cover you get will affect how much car insurance costs too. 

Is An Electric Car A Good Idea When You Live in the Countryside?

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If you live in the countryside and have thought about being an electric car but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right decision then you’re not alone.

Although there have been many advancements in electric car technology over the last decade, there are still concerns that stop quite a number of people buying them, particularly those who live in the country.

With this in mind, below are some of the biggest things to consider –

Where is the nearest charging station?

When it comes to owning an electric car, one of the most important considerations is how you’ll charge it. The infrastructure in the UK for electric vehicles has been greatly improved over the last few years, with more petrol stations than ever now offering electric charging points. That being said, if you live in the country then you’ll want to find out exactly where your near

est charging station is so can properly judge how often you’ll need to charge your car without risk of it running out of power. Of course this isn’t as much of a concern if you get a hybrid vehicle but it’s still an important thing to know.

Are you happy to get a charging point installed at your home?

It isn’t a necessity to have a charging point installed at your home when you own an electric vehicle but many EV owners find it to be a very beneficial. The most obvious benefit of having your own charging point is that you don’t have to worry about finding a charging station when your car is low on charge. You can simply plug it in when you’re at home so you know it’s always fully charged when you’re ready to use it.

Do you commute for work?

If you commute to work each day and have to drive in city conditions then an electric car could be a very sensible choice. The reason being that the constant stop/start nature of city driving consumes a lot of fuel and therefore you could save a considerable amount of money by switching to an electric car. Another reason that electric cars are great for city driving is their zippy acceleration and smooth handling.

Which is better – hybrid, plug-in or fully electric?

One of the major decisions to make when investing in a green car is whether to get a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or a pure electric. Each has its pros and cons. For example a traditional hybrid is great if you do a mix of motorway/country driving and city driving since you get the best of both worlds. With a pure electric you get a smoother and quieter ride but you do have to be mindful of how much charge you have left and where the nearest charging station is.


Insuring a Campervan

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If you own a campervan then you want to make sure it’s properly protected by getting the right type of insurance. Because of the unique risks that come with owning such a vehicle, you want to get a special campervan insurance policy instead of regular car insurance.

Below are the types of cover you can get as well as some ways to save money.

Types of campervan insurance

  • Road risks – Road risks is the minimum level of insurance you’ll need to get in order to make your campervan road legal. If you only want minimal protection at the lowest cost then a third party only policy is the best option. For more protection for your own vehicle then you can get a third party, fire and theft policy or fully comprehensive.
  • European cover – If you intend to travel overseas in your campervan then you’ll definitely need to make sure you’re covered for accidents and other risks while you’re there. It’s always a good idea to research what the different legal requirements are for any countries you’re intending to visit.
  • Breakdown assistance – Having breakdown cover in place is highly recommended when you own a campervan. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere when your battery goes flat. Most insurance providers will give you the option to have breakdown assistance included in a campervan insurance policy.
  • Windscreen repair – Windscreen repair is often something people don’t think to get included in their motor insurance but it’s definitely a useful type of additional cover to consider, particularly for motorhome owners who often drive in areas where a cracked windscreen is more likely to occur.

Saving money on campervan insurance

  • Get a limited mileage policy – If you only use your campervan for special trips at certain times of the year then you could save a considerable amount of money by getting a limited mileage policy.
  • Limit cover options – Another very obvious way to keep the cost of your insurance to a minimum is by limited cover options. You’ll need to at least get third party insurance in order to drive legally but most other types of cover aren’t a necessity.
  • Get quotes from a lot of providers – Getting quotes from a lot of providers is one of the best ways you can save money on campervan insurance since it enables you to easily compare them and choose the best one.

Getting Charity Minibus Insurance

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If you drive a minibus for non-profit purposes then you can benefit from getting a special type of insurance known as charity minibus insurance.

In order to get charity minibus insurance, you will need to provide a section 19 or section 22 permit. These can be obtained quite easily providing you’re able to prove that you do indeed use your minibus for charitable purposes.

Where to get cover

There are many places online where you can get Clean Green Compare minibus insurance quotes. Although you can contact insurance providers by phone, it’s much easier to shop for quotes online since you can easily choose the type of policy you want and cut out the time and hassle of calling different providers individually.

Ways to save money

Below are some of the best ways to save money on charity minibus insurance.

  • Pay upfront – Paying for your policy annually is not something you might relish the though of since you’ll have to pay a lot more upfront. However when you do pay annually, insurance providers will usually be happy to offer you a significant discount on the overall cost of your policy. Just be sure to haggle to get the best price possible as you want to make the extra initial investment worth it.
  • Get a limited mileage policy – If you only use your minibus at certain times or on certain days of the week then you can benefit by getting a limited mileage policy. A limited mileage policy is where you and the insurance provider agrees to a certain number of miles that you will stay under. This reduces the chances of you making a claim and therefore helps to lower the cost of your policy.
  • Secure your vehicle – Making your vehicle secure is another good way to lower the cost of your insurance. Any steps you can take, including having somewhere secure to park your minibus, will certainly help to keep costs down.
  • Get multiple quotes – One of the easiest ways to save money on charity minibus insurance is by getting quotes from a lot of different providers. This is very easy to do thanks to the internet and will prevent you from overspending.