If you have a good amount of driving experience and are looking for a change in careers then working as a taxi driver could be for you.

Below are some of the biggest things you need to think about when it comes to driving a taxi for a living as well as some tips on saving money on taxi insurance.

Biggest considerations

  • Public hire vs private hire – The two main types of taxis on UK roads are public hire and private hire. Public hire taxis are those that have a ‘taxi’ sign on the roof and can be hailed from the street. Public hire taxis can only be booked in advance and cannot display a taxi sign. Public hire taxi work is generally safer. Whichever type of taxi driver you want to work as, you will need to apply for a taxi driver’s licence.
  • Hours – If you’re considering working as a taxi driver then you need to think about how flexible your available hours are. If you have young children then it might not be suitable for you, especially if you need to work anti-social hours.
  • Suitability – Another key consideration is how suited you are to the job. There are some great aspects to driving a taxi for a living – meeting new people all the time, having a great knowledge of your own city, not being tied to a desk etc. However there are also downsides – sometimes you’ll deal with difficult or even violent passengers, it can be very stressful at times and you’ll need to pay for your own fuel and insurance. Only you can know for sure if you’re suited to the job.
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Driving a taxi for a living can be stressful so this is something you need to think about

Getting private hire taxi insurance

If you do decide to work as a private hire taxi driver then you’ll need to get the right cover. Private hire taxi insurance is available from many specialist insurance providers and getting quotes is now easier than ever thanks to the internet.

In addition to getting multiple quotes, some other great ways to save money are –

  • Parking your vehicle securely – This is one of the biggest things that will affect the cost of your insurance policy. People who have a locked garage to keep their taxi in will pay considerably less than those who park it on the street.
  • Increasing your excess – Increasing your excess is another way to cut the price of your premium although it is somewhat risky.